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Maryam Bukar Hassan known as Alhanislam is an indigene of Borno state, a citizen of Nigeria, A daughter of Africa born on the 25th December 1996 in Kaduna State, is a renowned poet and an exponent of the spoken word, gender advocate, wellness enthusiast, soccer lover and the new voice of young emerging Africans; she has a bachelor's degree in Information Technology (B.Sc.) from the Radford University College, Accra Ghana. Maryam is an inspiring leader, a social media influencer, and a brand advocate. Through her platforms, she provides visibility for brands and promotes their essence to the hundreds of thousands of her followers - the demography of the followers is spread across Nigeria - particularly young women from Northern Nigeria who challenging the status quo and seeking for better opportunities for Nigerian women. She has worked with multinationals, government, and international NGOs, spoken and performed spoken word poetry using it as an intervention at various high level events including:

  • the Ake Arts and Book Festival
  • the Kaduna Book and Arts Festival 2017 x 2019
  • TEDx Argungu
  • NEXT Level U.S.A
  • the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) conferences.
  • the African Governance Architecture Conference and the African Union 8th High Level Dialogue Conference 2019 which took place in Kampala, Uganda

Maryam is an instructor on Sapphital Learning Platform, where she runs courses on spoken word poetry and poetry for children. In 2017 she signed Caller Tune contracts with Airtel, 9 Mobile and MTN.

She was an ambassador for the Islamic Ummah Relief international foundation and and a resident artist of the "Five Cowries Initiative".

She is currently an ambassador to the Gheii (global envoy international foundation), Hulul Albina and the official AS ROMA academy in Nigeria as she is quite passionate about soccer and she also plays.

Maryam is a published author of the works "Many A Rhyme And Reason" and "In The Heart Of Silence"

She is an activist on violence against women and children and has gained vast recognition for her video on domestic violence, titled: ‘VIOLENCE HAS NO RELIGION’ on YouTube.

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